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Tithes and offerings are the means that God has set forth to bring financial blessings into our lives. There are some churches that are afraid to talk about money. But Jesus evidently wasn’t afraid to talk about money and riches. He spoke more about the use, love and power of wealth than He did about Heaven and Hell. Jesus knew that money or wealth can be such a powerful influence in a person’s life and how they handled that wealth many times, would determine their eternal fate. Jesus said that one cannot serve God and mammon or riches. Tithes and offerings are a way we proclaim that we will not serve mammon but that mammon serves us.

We at Word of Grace believe that tithing is not an Old Testament or a New Testament principle but one that began in the Garden of Eden and will be in force throughout eternity. Abraham tithed before the law was given. Hebrews the seventh chapter, verse seven, indicates that receiving tithes on this earth is done by giving tithes to men. But in reality, Jesus who is the High Priest of these days that we live, is still receiving them in Heaven. Melchisedec received tithes in Abraham’s time. Aaron the High Priest in Moses’ day and the law, and Jesus Christ the eternal High Priest today.

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